Quality Management

GHS CMHSP is committed to providing high-quality services throughout our network of providers. The Quality Management (QM) department ensures that providers and CMHSP managers alike are aware of how effective, efficient, and satisfactory to consumers each service is.  QM activities are dictated by the federal government through the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (MDHHS) and/or by CARF, the national organization that accredits many of our directly operated behavioral health programs.  Provider members of the Network must also be accredited by a nationally recognized body, although the CMHSP is allowed by its accreditation to hold contracts with certain non-accredited providers.

The CMHSP monitors the quality of provider services in several ways: QM audits each provider’s records; visits each site to evaluate health, safety, and environment of care; and interviews consumers in each program at least once a year.  The frequency of review increases when a provider's performance decreases.  The Outcomes and Data Analysis department of QM measures how much services help consumers, and how satisfied they are, on a continuous basis.  Each year, the CMHSP surveys a sampling of consumers (usually about ten percent of all persons in active service) and community stakeholders to obtain input and improve performance.

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