Evidence Based Practices

Currently in Michigan, a system-wide transformation effort is happening that will have an impact on every consumer of publically funded mental health services.  After 30 years of clinical research, we now have Evidence-Based Practices (EBPs) that serve as best-practice guidelines for providing clinical treatment for certain forms of mental illness.  At Genesee Health System, we have taken significant action to make the following EBPs available:

Evidence-based practices are validated by rigorously documented scientific evidence. When we say "evidence", we mean that research shows that there are advantages to using EBPs over other forms of treatment. To make EBPs more available to service providers, each EBP advanced in the State of Michigan is published in a manual format that has all of the information needed to provide the EBP in different settings.  Each EBP also has a clearly defined Fidelity Index to better direct us in the application of each one's "active ingredients."

As practitioners, we can continue to operate on the basis of clinical intuition guided by past practice (though clinical research has shown some forms of "therapy as usual" are statistically no more effective than "no treatment"), or we can provide treatment on the basis of WADITW or DITWLY (we always did it that way/did it that way last year).  In the hope of providing the best treatment, we can recognize that having the ability to provide services anchored in EBPs means the promise of the best clinical outcomes for our consumers whose only hope for recovery may be evidence-based treatment.

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