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Consumer Educational Groups

A NEW Groups Calendar for April 2024
A calendar for groups and events going on in Customer Services for the month of January

Anger Management
Find out how to handle life's curve balls.

Building Your Confidence
Learn how to feel good about yourself, no matter what others tell you.

Coffee and Conversation
Learn more about the services GHS has to offer.

Consumer Groups Brochure
An overview of all of the groups offered through Customer Services.

Consumer Groups Listing Flyer
A flyer with brief descriptions of Customer Services groups

Consumer Recruitment
Learn how to share your ideas with GHS policymakers!

Employment Education
Get tips on how to find and keep a job.

Entitlement Education
Learn about the services you may qualify for.

Independent Living
Learn what it takes to live on your own and manage your household.

Mystery Shopper
Help us check the quality of GHS services.

Stop Smoking Group
Thinking about quitting? We'll help you stop!

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