Assisted Outpatient Treatment (AOT) Program

About Us

Genesee Health System (GHS) is Genesee County’s public mental health provider. GHS has provided services to Genesee County residents for more than 50 years.

Assisted Outpatient Treatment (AOT) is a program within Genesee Health System. It is designed to provide assistance to adults with severe mental illness who have been court ordered to participate in treatment and assists in obtaining a court order for someone in need of a treatment order.

The program provides a collaborative approach among key community providers to best help our consumers get the treatment they need.

What is Assisted Outpatient Treatment or AOT?

Assisted outpatient treatment (AOT) is court-ordered treatment for people with mental illness who meet strict legal criteria of a person requiring treatment.

Most commonly, they are too ill to recognize their own need for mental health care.

An AOT order is a civil commitment court order that mandates an individual to participate in necessary outpatient treatment so they can continue to live safely in the community.

The AOT Program at GHS:

  • Oversees all AOT orders in Genesee County
  • Provides education and support regarding AOT orders
  • Provides assistance with obtaining/continuing an AOT order
  • For persons/patients violating AOT orders, the program
    • Communicates with Probate Court
    • Provides Case Management for some consumers on AOTs that have more intensive needs
    • Meets regularly with stakeholders in the community to identify and problem-solve treatment barriers

Who is Eligible?

Adults who are aged 18 years and older with a mental illness and lack insight into their need for treatment. Contact the AOT program at (810) 257-3714 (ask for the AOT program) for more information.

I’m on a court order or deferral. What does that mean?

  • Click here if you are on a court order.
  • Click here if you are on a deferral.
  • Click here if you are in the AOT program to view the AOT Program Consumer Handbook

Request Help from the AOT Program:

To contact someone in the AOT program, please call (810) 496-5388, email or call (810) 257-3714 and ask for a monitor in the AOT Program.


Click here to view the AOT Referral Flyer. Fax your completed form to (810)762-5234, ATTN: AOT Program.

OR click here to fill out the referral form online.


Click here to view the AOT Violations Flyer.

OR click here to fill out the violation form online.