Parent Support Partner & Youth Peer Support

What is a Parent Support Partner?

A Parent Support Partner (PSP) is a parent of a child with emotional, behavioral, or other mental health challenges and/or intellectual and developmental disabilities, including Autism. A PSP brings personal experience and knowledge of raising a child with these challenges. They empower families and give them much-needed hope. A PSP is a treatment team member included in service planning and implementation.

Possible areas of support

Some of the support a PSP can offer:

  •  Listen and share experiences.
    •  Be a sounding board for ideas or concerns.
    •  Be a role model.
    •  Be a source of hope and let you know you’re not alone.
  •  Attend meetings.
    •  Schools
    •  Government
    •  Genesee Health System
    •  Family Court
  •  Provide Resources
    •  Training and Education
    •  Community resources

Are you interested in having a PSP to support you and your family? Talk to your case manager or call 810-496-5820 to speak with the program directly.


What is a Youth Peer Support (YPS)?

Youth Peer Support Specialists help by:

  • Being part of the treatment team.
  • Working with youth one-on-one or in groups.
  • Support in achieving goals through shared activities and interventions.
  • Sharing their stories of resiliency and recovery
  • Work collaboratively with the youth and others involved in the treatment process.

Possible areas of support:

  • Building relationships with the youth and their family.
  • Working with the youth to participate in their meetings and treatment planning process.
  • Teaching self-advocacy, problem-solving, and independent living skills.
  • Serving as a role model and active participant in meeting their treatment goals with the youth.

Are you interested in having YPSS support you and your family? Talk to your case manager or call 810-496-5480 to speak with the program directly.

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