Outreach Services

Outreach Services

GHS has several services to assist those who have been impacted by the Flint Water Crisis.

Family Supports Coordination assists with coordinating services for those affected by the Water Crisis. We can help you and your family connect to the services you need such as medical care, lead testing and risk assessments, educational programs, mental health care, benefits enrollment, nutrition and food support, transportation assistance, housing assistance, childcare, personal and family resistance coaching, and more.

Interested in our Mobile Unit's schedule and where you can find it in the community? The schedule is listed to the right via our Facebook page under the events tab. You can also follow our Facebook page for regular updates.

Lead-Free Homes Program

GHS is working with the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (MDHHS) to provide assistance in applying for the Lead-Free Homes Program.

This program helps families in various cities in Michigan and specifically in Flint live in healthier homes by removing lead sources that may exist in and around the home. Residents of Flint do not pay for any of the work and families may receive $10,000 - $20,000 of FREE work on their home.

In order to qualify, the home must be located in the City of Flint, and the owner of the home, apartment complex, condominium, etc. must be the one to sign and agree to the application. As long as there is a child under the age of 19 and/or a pregnant female residing in the residence who is Medicaid eligible the family will qualify. There may be other means by which the family could qualify for the home repair, so when in doubt the family should fill out an application. These qualifications are specific to the City of Flint residents and not necessarily for other cities in Michigan

We also receive a list of Flint City residents from MDHHS that already qualify for the program but have not signed up and may not know they qualify. We call, make home visits, and send out letters to those individuals to help them sign up. GHS completes this initial contact and sign up, once the application reaches MDHHS their staff take over.

Flint Residence can always call us for further information or to check and see where they are on the list of scheduled home inspections. For further questions or to schedule an appointment with one of our staff call: (810) 257-3777.

Community Requests

GHS can accommodate many types of community requests: Resource Fair, Speaker Bureau, Sponsorships, and FOIA.

Contact Us

If you have a mental health emergency, call our Crisis Line 24/7 at (810) 257-3740.

For any other question, contact GHS' Customer Services Department at (810) 257-3705.

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