Meet The Team At The CIS Learning Center

  • Board Certified Behavior Analysts and Qualified Behavioral Health Providers
    • An individualized ABA treatment plan is developed by a qualified master’s degree professional. This person may be a Board-Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) or may be supervised by a BCBA. They complete a behavioral assessment, work with the family to identify treatment goals and evaluate progress toward them.
    • Our clinicians train behavior technicians and caregivers to implement the plan. ABA technicians are trained both initially to work with an individual consumer and are also supervised and trained on an ongoing basis in a variety of skills
  • ABA Technicians
    • ABA Technicians directly apply the ABA treatment and behavior plans under close monitoring by the ABA clinician. Your child will work one-on-one or in a small group with a technician. Your child is generally scheduled to work with 2-3 technicians throughout their week at the Center. Working with multiple technicians helps their treatment gains will generalize across many different people.
  • Internal Case Manager
    • An in-house Case Manager works in coordination with the primary Case Manager to ensure that any needs our families may have are addressed to help them receive the full benefit from ABA treatment.
  • Parent Support Partner (PSP)
    • A Parent Support Partner uses their experience of having a child with special needs to educate, train, and support families here at the Center, in the community, at your child’s school, or in your home.