Early Childhood Development

Welcome to Early Childhood Development: Part 1 (Infants and Toddlers)! Please watch the training video below, complete the supplemental activities that follow.

Criteria for Training Completion

The questions below each reading are for you to reflect on and respond to for yourself. There is not a formal way to submit your answers, these are for your learning.

  1. Understanding Temperament in Infants and Toddlers - Think about where your own temperament falls on the spectrum. Now consider a child in your care setting or life who has been especially difficult for you. Where do they fall on the spectrum of each item? Where are you two similar or different? How do you think this has/could impact your interactions with this child?
  2. Cultural Differences in Developmental Milestones - Which items stand out to you the most? How might differing cultural expectations among you and other caregivers and/or families impact your work with children and their social-emotional development?